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Every day, Skillseed delivers vital knowledge from around the world straight to your team. Individually curated, in handy packages and immediately applicable.

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New Learning for Your Team.

Skillseed is no Learning Management System. Because at Skillseed you don't manage learning - you experience it. How we do that? With these innovative features, combined in a modern web app.

Personal recommendations, every day
Every day, we find the best online courses, podcasts, book summaries, tutorials and other great learning content – individualized for each learner.

Search once, find everything
Our search provides you with the most exciting content from the best providers. Only search once, and get results right when you need them.

Playlists and learning journeys
Use playlists to curate the best learning content and add additional context in comments. For yourself, your team or all Skillseed users.

Discover new topics together
Organize your employees in workspaces and user groups, and create a real, virtual place to learn and discover.

Learning budgets and accounting support
A lot of receipts, a lot of effort? Not with Skillseed. Because we support your accounting processes and keep an eye on everyone's learning budget.

Real insights, real benefit
Understand how your team learns and how you can support it even better in the future. Discover hidden talents and put your employees in the right places.

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Enter a New World of Learning.

Skillseed lets your team use the most innovative international training providers. Such as these:

Nano Degrees
Online Trainings
Online Trainings
Books and eBooks
Nano Degrees
Online Trainings
The displayed training providers offer training content that are part of the Skillseed learning database. Skillseed is in no contractual relationship with the displayed providers. All brands are intellectual property of their respective owners.
Our approx. 500 employees are located all over the world. Thanks to Skillseed, we can provide them with an ideal learning environment for every single one of them.
Michaela Lück, Head of Human Resources
Drom Fragrances
Our credo at MaibornWolff Campus is to deliver further education to our employees – not the other way around. We do so in a consistently analog or consistently digital way, but never blended! In our view, Skillseed for the very first time makes it possible to use the achievements of digitalisation for learning concepts.
Gerrit Mauch, Leiter MaibornWolff Campus

Who Does Enjoy Skillseed?

Skillseed is applied New Work culture. And your whole company can profit.

Until now, it was often difficult to find really good and up to date training content. Skillseed provides me with a full catalog, so I can learn what I need!
These days, many candidates expect a personalized training budget. Therefore, Skillseed always turns out to be a great asset in job interviews.
Skillseed is a great tool to intrinsically motivate my team. It also helps a lot when it comes to targeted development activities!
With Skillseed, finally every employee can profit from good training offers, instead of the usual high performers. That's great!
Workers Council
Skillseed is a great help for strategically planning our personal development activities. Now, we finally know what employees are learning.
Being an online platform, Skillseed is super easy to integrate and updated automatically. On top, Skillseed complies to GDPR. Wonderful!


Whether you like it really simple or really individual – Skillseed has the right package for any scenario.

Skillseed for Teams

Start your new learning experience immediately.
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Aggregated training search
  • Team playlists for learning together
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Personal support via e-mail
  • Monthly billing
  • Available within 24 hours
  • Recommended for up to 150 users
only 5€
per user, per month
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Skillseed Enterprise

Skillseed, just like you like it.
  • Full "Skillseed for Teams" feature set
  • On-site onboarding
  • UI customization
  • Individual expert curations
  • Learning budgets
  • Extended administration area
  • Enhanced learning analytics
  • Personal phone support
  • Monthly billing
  • For teams of any size
Individual Pricing
according to your requirements
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more? We are happy to help.

What is Skillseed?

Skillseed is a brand new, web-based learning platform for your team. With Skillseed, your employees can discover and make use of the most innovative training providers from all over the world, wherever you are.

Is Skillseed a training provider?

We don't offer any classroom trainings or other trainings ourselves. Instead, we provide you with the Skillseed web platform, which your employees can use to access the best training offers from all over the world.

Which training products can my team use with Skillseed?

Skillseed does not restrict your selection of training providers, topics and formats in any way. Our specialty are innovative, digital products that are great because they are affordable, very high quality and immediately accessible. This includes online courses, nano degrees, book summaries or audio books. When it comes to discovering them, we use our Skillseed search engine, which is based on a 200.000 item catalog.

Do I need to offer a training budget to my team to use Skillseed?

Skillseed includes a large selection of free content that your team may use at anytime. To make Skillseed even more efficient, we however recommend to provide each employee with a budget starting at 15€ per month or 180€ per year. With this amount, it's already possible to use a great mix of high-quality training offers from various providers.

Our recommendation: provide each employee with a basic budget and increase it individually for high performers or employees approaching important challenges or development steps.

What happens to the training providers that I have been working with until today?

Are you already in a business relationship with a training or e-learning provider? That's perfectly fine. We don't aim at turning your training concept upside down - we only want to help you use your ressources more efficiently.

How do I know Skillseed is the right solution for me?

In principle, Skillseed is a good fit for companies of nearly any vertical or size. However, based on our experience, we know that medium-sized companies can profit most from our platform. Due to our simple onboarding process, Skillseed is also interesting for smaller scenarios. And if you want to introduce Skillseed to your large corporation, we are happy to discuss your requirements and offer an individualized setup.

Obviously, it's also possible to use Skillseed in a single department or employee group – e.g. managers – only.

How can I make sure that my team uses Skillseed efficiently?

At Skillseed, we are convinced that empowering employees is a vital component of modern leadership. Therefore, we recommend our customers to give their teams plenty of rope when it comes to selecting training offers, based on a personalized budget. On top, Skillseed supports the communication of training guidelines to restrict training providers, topics and formats. It's also possible to manually approve training requests.

Who is the team behind Skillseed?

Skillseed is a product by mantro – a Munich-based company builder. At mantro, product designers, developers and entrepreneurs work together to create innovative products that provide a real value to their users. mantro has been on the market since 2005 and has completed many enterprise-grade projects since then.

Do you want to learn more about mantro? Visit our website at mantro.net.


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We will handle your data according to our Data Protection Policy and only use it to inform you about Skillseed.

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